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Semiotic Resonance 2024

BIP KOL 2024


Event Schedule: 22ND – 28TH JULY 2024

Deadline for applications: APRIL 30TH, 2024

Venue: PALACKÝ UNIVERSITY, OLOMOUC, CZECH REPUBLIC Location: Křížkovského 511/8, CZ-779 00, Olomouc, Czech Republic Contact Number: (+420) 585 631 111

BIP main theme description

Palacký University cordially invites students, scholars, researchers and enthusiasts to the academic retreat focused on the exploration of Semiotic Resonance. This scholarly gathering is set to occur within the historic premises of Palacký University in Olomouc, which stands as Moravia’s oldest and the Czech Republic’s second-oldest university, renowned for its vibrant academic community. The retreat is dedicated to a comprehensive examination of semiotics — the study of signs and symbols in communication — and its intersection with the concept of resonance within both natural and constructed environments. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a series of lectures, workshops and discussions led by esteemed scholars in the field, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and interdisciplinary collaboration. The theme of the retreat, Semiotic Resonance, encapsulates the exploration of how signs and symbols across various mediums generate meaning and elicit responses at the cognitive, cultural and emotional levels. The phenomenon of resonance, observed in physics as well as music, serves as a metaphorical lens through which the semiotic processes of meaning-making can be understood. This includes an examination of the ‘music of the spheres’ as discussed by Thomas A. Sebeok; the ‘functional tones’ of Jakob von Uexküll; and the application of Hartmut Rosa’s resonance theory across different human activities. A notable focus of the retreat will be the examination of the interplay between the facial and acoustic dimensions, particularly concerning the human voice. This section aims to dissect the complex semiotic relationships between facial expressions and vocal emanations, exploring how these visual and auditory signals converge to construct and convey meaning. The voice, as both a semiotic tool and a resonant phenomenon, offers a rich field for analyzing the nuances of communication, identity expression and interpersonal interaction. Through this lens, the retreat will focus on the multifaceted ways in which the human face and voice operate within the semiotic landscape, contributing to the broader discourse on signification, representation and interpretation. By investigating the nuanced relationships between resonance, sound and semiotics, this retreat aims to deepen the understanding of communicative practices, the evocative power of signs and their role in shaping human experience. It seeks to provide a platform for scholarly dialogue that challenges conventional perspectives and encourages innovative approaches to semiotic research. This academic retreat promises a stimulating program for participants interested in the theoretical and practical dimensions of semiotics. It is an invaluable opportunity for those wishing to contribute to and expand the boundaries of semiotic study, amidst the inspiring backdrop of one of the Czech Republic’s most esteemed universities.

Partners: University of Nitra, University of Helsinki, University of Torino and others.

Number for ECTs for students: 3