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Digital Writing Research Group

This project aims at defining the basic theoretical principles of digital communication and describes the qualitative differences between traditional unmediated communication and currently widely practiced technologically mediated communication. More importantly, the project focuses on the written form of digital communication and the comparison with different writing systems. We use the term digital writing to stand for all the multimodal digitally mediated communication. We combine evolutionary linguistics, cognitive semiotics and eye-tracking methods to test the current state of human communication in relation to its overall evolution. 

Ľudmila Bennett: research group leader
Zdeněk Joukl: Egyptian hieroglyphs specialist
Anežka Formánková: specialist in digital emotions and digital gestures
Conor O’Neill: specialist in digital pragmatics
Kristína Harišová: data scientist, eye-tracking lab manager
Denys Stryzhak: semiotics of writing systems specialist
Nikita Gargaviy: experiments designer
Monika Jana Pekarková: sign language specialist